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Hello! Thank you for visiting my site and taking time to go through it .

First a bit of information to help you navigate this website

You will see there is a lot of variety of content! Basic information is included on each image if you hover on it. Do not hesitate to contact me via the  email in contact box to ask for further info .We can even set up viewing in person or online if you wish to see the piece.

There are some groupings in the homeware section like ceramic tile paintings, jewellery, baubles etc that I have not shown individually as they keep changing, so please ask me if you are interested in these and I will send you specific images of whats available at the time.

Also limited edition prints are available for many artworks, so please ask (prices from £20 depending on size)

Do take time to go through each section as you never know what you may like !

Now a bit about my process-Artist Statement 

Most of the alcohol ink paintings here are made without a brush. I like to use the flow of the inks ( before they dry which is quite soon so I add lots of high percentage alcohol ) using a variety of methods, like tilting, blowing with  a straw, hairdryer etc. I sometimes use a pen for added definition like eyes in a portrait. I have been told to specify this as people say they would not have known I don’t use brushes otherwise! The alcohol inks are a relatively new medium, just about 15 years or so , and they are so vibrant in their look and different in their process.They have quite captivated me! I hope you enjoy them too.

I also continue to paint  with acrylics, oils and watercolours ,and in the past have also done commissions using glass colours. Each medium has its own charms and challenges and over time I have learnt to use the one best suited for the effect I want.

While painting in any medium, I am always trying to capture the essence of the subject in an expressive way, exploring different colour relationships. The topics are varied and inspired by my love for animals, nature, architecture and travelling .The overriding feeling  I want to communicate is always uplifting, fortifying and a sense of  wonder at the beauty in the world around us. Recently I have started working in creating  mini series and enjoy the freedom of expression and luxury of delving deeper into the subject. I will continue to add some of this new work from time to time ,so please do visit again soon

I  always feel each artwork is really complete when it meets its collector as the  connection that happens between them gives it deeper meaning .I am so grateful to every person who reaches out to me to buy my work. Please be assured with every original you buy , you are not just buying a picture /materials but lots of love, dedication, life story, conceptual time ,implementation time and a  huge variety of painting skills. Each original artwork is therefore unique.

All my originals are signed and stamped. 

Copyright -all rights reserved with  Minu Achrekar

Prices – All prices exclude packaging and shipping  as these may vary.

Payment -Payment to be made in full before dispatch. 

Payment mostly taken by bank transfer or by Paypal, please discuss if further queries.

Shipping -Charges vary on weight and destination, an estimate will be provided, please ask. 

Custom duty if applicable in outside countries will be  payable by buyer.

Every effort will be made  to deliver personally if local and /or timely way with gift packaging if  requested. Tracked deliveries can be discussed.

A little bit about me !

I  spent my early years in India . Looking back now, my family was very creative and artistic although not professional artists. I was also encouraged to participate in painting and illustration at school level and in fact won various prizes!  However I pursued an academic career and moved to UK where I have now worked in healthcare for more than 25 years. I revisited painting a few yrs ago and gradually explored watercolours, acrylics then oil painting before I discovered alcohol inks three years ago. My hobby took a more serious turn when I decided to hold an exhibition in 2018 and raise money for charity. The exhibition was so successful and we managed to raise so much money for charity which we donated to 2 different charities across India and England- this spurred me to hold another online exhibiton in Dec 2020 at the peak of the pandemic whereby I raised money for a children’s charity. The success of these exhibitions and seeing peoples emotional responses when they had found ‘their art’ led me to take art more seriously .

I have been fortunate to have done two further solo exhibitions and a number of group shows including international ones an.d a prestigious show the Flux exhibition in London. I am  a member of the Horsforth Art society since 2017, and a member of the Yorkshire Art Group since 2021   I have also had the great pleasure and honour of being interviewed in three radio shows including BBC Leeds and Fever Radio and Rangoli radio interviewed for different  articles for my art and exhibitions both paper formats and online.

A brief summary below

Nov-Dec 2018- Solo show- Heart, Headingley, Leeds

Oct-2020- Solo show- Seven Arts Chapel Allerton, Leeds

Dec 2021- International Exhibition ,Nehru Centre, Mumbai ,India

May-June 2022- Summer show, Art at Roundhay Park ,Leeds

Jun 2022- International exhibition, FLUX 2022 ,London, UK 

July-Aug 2022- Roundhay Park Celebratory Show, Leeds 

December 2022 -‘ Intrigue ‘Solo show, Seven arts ,Leeds 

15/16 June 2023 – Open Studio and Garden demo event ,own studio,Leeds

13/14/15/October 2023 – Contemporary Art Fair, Harrogate

In addition, I have participated in biannual shows at the Horsforth Art society and a wide variety of Local Art Walks and Trails in the creative hotspot that is Yorkshire !

Stay in touch !

I often post pics and videos of  my process, inspirations and new work on  Facebook- paintings by Minu Art and Instagram @artminu. So do connect with me there if you are also on social media.

However I have realised that the crazy algorithms of social media can disrupt an art lovers  connection with the artist in terms of what can show up on their feed! So occasionally I generate  newletters and blogs .So if you would like to stay connected with me for updates on my art journey , exhibitions, new collections, special offers  etc please do sign up  for my newsletter in the box below! Promise they wont be that frequent !!











If you see something you’d like to purchase, or would like to commission a special piece, get in touch!