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Thrive and flourish with new skills

Art is Therapy and expressing yourself Classes to help you get there

An introduction and description

I am a healthcare professional, who rekindled my childhood interest in art as a way of balancing the pressures of work life about 6-8 years ago. I just bought myself some supplies, importantly an easel and canvas to give myself a boost and started a merry journey using watercolours, glass colours acrylic paints and then oil paints . I then came across alcohol inks about 4 years ago and was fascinated by the different process and the unpredictable vibrant results. In the absence of formal classes in this new medium, I developed some techniques using straws syringes and hairdryers and felt amazed by the results . I almost never use a brush but use the fluidity of the inks and tilting, blowing and other techniques. Every painting has a thousand tense moments where it could all go wrong or blissfully surprise!

In the past 2 years I have also received formal training in acrylic oils , charcoal and mixed media .You will see a number of examples on my gallery pages ,commissions and special collections.

After giving art demos and number of workshops at my home studio and local galleries and art centres I have now realised how enriching it is both for me and others to share my skills. It gives me great pleasure to see those who have never even held a brush to start painting and go on to confidently express themselves though it .

Make art for yourself and you would have given yourself the best gift of time , peace , self expression and healing- this is my new motto and I would love to help you get there

So if you want to learn new skills and give expression to your creativity join me for one of my classes .

If you need something different please use contact page and let me know your requirements and I will see what I can organise! . Thank you and hope this inspires you to take the next step in your creative journey !

Classes at my home studio in Leeds ,Yorkshire

Beginners classes in alcohol inks – 2and half hours

Beginners classes in oil painting – three hours

Advanced classes in oil paintings – landscapes,stilllife portraiture – 3 hours

Mixed media classes using a number of new and wonderful media for exciting innovative abstracts and other paintings -3 hours

Aside from my Home studio I also conduct Demos and workshops in Art Clubs – please contact me to discuss your needs and fees

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